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Streamline Your Company-Issued Device Returns

With our retrieval kits, you can rest assured that your company equipment will be protected and securely transported. Each kit comes with a padded box to safeguard your devices during transit.
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Simple Retrieval Process,
in under a minute

Starting at $49.
laptop retrieval
Laptop Return
$89 per retrieval
tablet retrieval
Tablet Return
$69 per retrieval
cell phone retrieval
Cell Phone Return
$49 per retrieval
monitor retrieval
Monitor Return
$199 per retrieval

Choose Your Retrieval Box

Pick a return box for the device you want back. We send it with a pre-paid label and tape to the employee’s address.

Provide Information

Submit the employee’s and the return address details. This ensures the box goes to the right person and place.

Get Your Devices Back

The employee sends the device back in the box with the label. It arrives at the specified return address.


We make returning company issued equipment hassle-free to your employee by providing a self-stick label addressed to your chosen return location. We even include tape!
Sturdy, Padded Boxes

Our boxes are user-friendly and come with straightforward packing guidelines. Ensure the safe and prompt return of your devices.

Employee Communication

Leave the task of reaching out to your employees to us. Should there be any delays in the retrieval process from their end, we’ll handle the gentle nudges, subsequent calls, and keep you in the loop.

Visibility & Tracking

Use your online account to access tracking numbers, shipping status, and retrieval details. We keep you posted throughout the process and provide any updates as they come.

What Our Clients Say

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Alicia J.

HR Manager

"Device Rescue has been instrumental in simplifying our offboarding procedures. Their method for retrieving company laptops from departing employees is quick and painless. It's a relief to rely on such an effective service during transitions."

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Testimonial Image
Eric C.

Operations Coordinator

"Working with Device Rescue has significantly eased our operations during employee exits. The process of reclaiming company laptops is incredibly quick and hassle-free. It's a boon for any operations team looking for a seamless offboarding solution."

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Megan T.

IT Administrator

"Device Rescue's approach to retrieving company laptops from departing employees is commendable. The simplicity and speed with which they handle this task have saved our IT department a considerable amount of time and effort. Highly recommended!"

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Testimonial Image
Laura C.

IT Generalist

"Device Rescue has been a game-changer for our IT team. Dealing with employees delaying laptop returns used to be a nightmare. Their streamlined process not only makes retrieving company laptops effortless but also handles employee communication tactfully. Highly recommended for any IT department facing offboarding challenges."

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Daniel R.

IT Support Specialist

"Device Rescue is a lifesaver for our IT team. Their system for retrieving company laptops is straightforward and efficient. It's a relief to have such a simple process in place, especially during the chaos of employee departures."

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