Effortless Remote IT Equipment Storage

Focus on core operations without the burden of managing and storing company equipment. We handle storage, retrieval, setup, and delivery directly to your employees, simplifying your IT logistics.
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Device Rescue IT Closet
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Optimizing Operations with Strategic Equipment Management

Condition Reports
Device Management
Assign & Ship To New Hires
Secured Warehouse
Asset Allocation
Equipment Storage

Simplified IT Logistics

We handle storage, retrieval, setup, and delivery of devices directly to your employees.
Retrieve devices from departing employees
Store in our warehouse, or ship back to you
Assign & Ship Devices directly to your employees

Streamlined Inventory Management & Asset Tracking

Simplify the entire lifecycle of device management—from secure storage and detailed condition reports, to shipping directly to your employees.
Detailed Condition Reports
Every returned device undergoes a thorough inspection in our warehouse. We then generate a detailed condition report, which includes full details and images.
Comprehensive Asset Management
Gain full visibility of your organization’s assets without relying on spreadsheets. Our system provides a complete history of device assignments.
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assign and ship
Zero-Touch Deployments

Devices ready on day one, no manual setup needed.

asset allocation
Lifecycle Management

Full device history from purchase to retirement.

Device Management
Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Utilize your MDM like Jamf, or JumpCloud to apply settings.

Cloud IT Closet

Secure, climate-controlled storage and quick delivery.

Optimize Your IT Operations

Inventory Management

Rely on us for secure, climate-controlled equipment storage and rapid deployment. Our service ensures your IT assets are managed with precision, ready for action whenever needed.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Think of our warehouse as your IT Closet. We can store items that are retrieved from your employees using our retrieval services. We can store Laptops, Tablets, Cellphones, and Monitors. This also includes accessories like headsets, docking stations and keyboards.
With Device Rescue, managing device retrieval is straightforward. Select ‘Retrieve Devices’ in your account to have devices returned from an employee. You can opt for direct shipment to a location of your choice or utilize our storage facilities. Should you choose our warehouse, we’ll send a retrieval kit to your employee, complete with a return label and tape for convenience. Upon receipt at our warehouse, each device undergoes data wiping, a thorough inspection, and a condition report is prepared for your records. The device is then securely stored, ready for you to reassign and dispatch to another team member when necessary.
Our transparent pricing structure ensures you know exactly what you’re getting. Starting at $499 per month, paid annually. Our Ultimate plan accommodates up to 50 devices and 40 accessories. Exceeding these limits incurs a modest $10 per additional device each month. Moreover, we offer attractive discounts for those who opt multi-year agreements.
Yes! We have a REST API and we also have a Zapier integration currently in beta. You can view more information here.

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