Business Asset Protection: Why You Need a Laptop Retrieval Service

The average annual employee turnover rate of American businesses is 47%. This high figure means that it’s critical that every business has an inventory management plan for when employees depart.

A laptop retrieval service is critical in this situation among many others. Here, we’re going to discuss these services and why your business needs them. Read on for a comprehensive guide to business laptop return services and equipment storage.

What Is a Laptop Retrieval Service?

When an employee leaves your business, returning their business laptop is a core part of the process. Traditionally, they would bring it into an office and turn it in. However, this is not always possible in the modern workplace because of increasingly remote and hybrid business models.

That’s where laptop retrieval services like Device Rescue come into play!

When the employee states their intention to depart, we’ll send a padded retrieval box to them in the mail. The box will comfortably hold a 16-inch (or smaller) laptop as well as chargers and accessories. It also already comes with a pre-paid return label, instructions, and packing tape.

The employee will place the laptop in the box and send it back. Your business will get end-to-end tracking so you know where business assets are at all times. Since the return label will send the device directly back to your office or headquarters, the process is easy to manage with minimal assistance.

Even in situations where physical return is possible, this is frequently an easier process. A manager or other higher-up doesn’t need to sit in their office and wait for the departing employee to bring them the laptop. It’s also more organized since employees will send computers back to you the same way every time.

laptop retrieval service

What Are Its Benefits?

Saving company time is one core benefit of a laptop return service. The initial return is much smoother since you don’t need an employee waiting to physically take the laptop back from an office. This is especially beneficial for remote/hybrid businesses that may not always have people in a physical office.

Another reason you’ll save time is less hassle during the return process.

Decreased Hassle

Tracking and alerts make inventory management easy. You can easily see which departing employees have returned their devices and who has yet to do so. This lets you know what you’re still waiting for.

Plus, meticulous tracking means that you’ll always know where laptops are before they get to you. This can help you plan to sign on new employees and give them the computers they’ll need for their positions. You won’t waste valuable time trying to figure out where business assets are and manage your inventory through multiple channels.

Saving Money

A laptop retrieval service can also help you save on payroll costs. This is because it comes with a warehousing solution that you can take advantage of.

While you can send returned laptops to your own centralized location, you also can store your company’s devices in our secure warehouse. This saves space in your personal location.

It also means that we can easily hold and provision devices for the new hires that replace departing employees. We’ll make sure that it’s ready on the day that they start work, which means you won’t be paying a salary to employees who aren’t fully set up yet.

Plus, since not recovering laptops effectively gives a greater workload to IT staff, you’ll need to pay them for inefficiently used time. They’ll need to spend time tracking down missing electronics instead of maintaining and optimizing your network. It’s an all-around waste of money in multiple departments.

There are also other hidden costs that you can save on. Since you’ll know the whereabouts of all laptops, you won’t need to replace them. Replacement fees add up a lot, especially if sensitive company data is lost.

You may contend with fees stemming from security risks as well as lost devices!

When Does Your Business Need a Laptop Return Service?

Businesses primarily need laptop retrieval services when they operate from multiple locations. Sometimes this just means that there are multiple offices that report to one main corporate headquarters.

However, since eight in ten people currently work remote or hybrid jobs, it’s more important than ever to stay organized with a laptop retrieval service.

The more locations people work from, the more important it is to have a laptop return service managing your business assets. So, businesses should focus on hiring these services the moment that they implement a hybrid or remote model.

What Employees Must Do

To make the most out of your service, request retrieval after the user proves that they have backed up all necessary data. This ensures that all important documents and other files aren’t lost during employee turnover. You may want the employee to back up the data to a cloud so you can confirm it’s there and accessible.

You also should ensure that all personal information is removed from the device.

Choosing a Service the Right Way

When choosing a laptop return service, keep logistical concerns at the forefront of your mind. Quick processing, fast transit, and timely return can get rid of downtime. Good communication and coordination between the retrieval service and employees keep employees in the loop without your involvement.

Transparent pricing is also important so you can manage funds as well as electronics!

You also should make sure that the process is sustainable. Choose a company that offers recycled packing materials. Companies like Device Rescue that prioritize eco-friendly shipping make your business more responsible and may lead to tax breaks.

Proper tracking is also a must-have with prepaid shipping labels. An accessible shipping dashboard lets everyone see where devices are.

Get Started With Inventory Management Services

Now that you know the ins and outs of a laptop retrieval service, it’s time to begin managing business assets the right way.

Device Rescue offers specialized retrieval services for laptops (and other electronics). We’re committed to helping businesses manage the departures of their employees among other routine processes. Our comprehensive solution includes shipping boxes, pre-paid labels, packing instructions, and tape sent directly to the departing employee.

Contact our sales team today to learn more about how our laptop return service can benefit your business.