Become an Affiliate

Transform your content into a source of income through the Affiliate Program offered by Device Rescue.
Join at no cost. Earn up to $100 per sale for a duration of 12 months for each of your referrals.
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Enhance Earnings, Build Connections, Accelerate Your Success!

Why you should become an affiliate with Device Rescue

Activity Stream
Real-time tracking of user visits, signups, and purchases for improved engagement and sales insights.
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Performance Analytics
Gain insights on referrals. Track affiliate sales and visitor data to maximize your strategy.
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Earn Lasting Commissions
Earn 12-month commissions on referrals’ purchases, with up to $100 per transaction.
Creative Library
Boost your marketing content with creative assets and inspiration to engage and convert your audience effectively.
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Advanced Analytics

Enhance your influencer strategy with advanced analytics to track performance and optimize your marketing efforts.

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Making the Most Out of Our Program

Maximize your earning potential with our program, designed to support your growth and profitability.
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Access innovative marketing strategies and creative concepts to enhance your campaigns.
well organized user interface
Enjoy a streamlined, organized user interface that simplifies your referral activities for better efficiency, tracking and reporting.

Trusted by 500+ Leading Organizations

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Maximize Your SaaS Content Impact

Optimize your content strategy with our seamless app, perfect for SaaS reviewers and content creators aiming for growth and engagement.

Strategize content to captivate your tech audience.
Partner with us and enhance your content’s value.
Monetize your reviews and comparisons.
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Frequently Asked Questions?

We utilize Rewardful, a third-party platform, to oversee our program, including the management of payouts and links. This platform facilitates affiliate marketing and enables performance tracking.

Payments are made monthly via PayPal. As an affiliate, you’ll be required to supply your PayPal email address to receive payments. 

Becoming an affiliate is open to everyone and free of charge. Nevertheless, we particularly encourage software reviewers, business solution experts, and content creators to join. Device Rescue primarily caters to a business-to-business audience, focusing on remote or hybrid work environments.

Affiliates receive a commission for every referral that results in a completed purchase, either on our website or within their accounts. The commission rate is set at 5% of the total invoice value. For each referred customer, you’ll continue to earn commission on all their purchases for a period of 12 months. The typical earnings range is between $2 and $100 per transaction.